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10 Questions with Allison Moss, Founder of type:A Deodorant

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Allison Moss is the founder of type:A, an aluminum-free deodorant brand that utilizes powerful, naturally derived and safe synthetic ingredients to make a clean deodorant that actually works to fight and prevent odor.type:A Founder Allison Moss



Where is your brand based?

We're based in Santa Monica, California, land of sunshine, sushi and, of late, CBD coffee. 🤔


What inspired you to start your brand? 

I've always been a person who sees a challenge and immediately my mind starts coming up with solutions, often before I consciously recognize what I'm doing. When I realized that I had tried at least 15 to 20 different "natural" deodorants and they all came up very short, it sort of felt like a "challenge, accepted" moment for me. I was inspired to build a significantly better deodorant. And I figured if we landed on an exceptional product, then I'd get the incredible opportunity to build a brand that would be inclusive and also drive positive change. So I did my research on the deodorant category, really studied the formulations, and applied all of the product development knowledge I'd garnered in my 17-year career in beauty. The result is type:A deodorant. 


"I was inspired to build a significantly better deodorant. And I figured if we landed on an exceptional product, then I'd get the incredible opportunity to build a brand that would be inclusive and also drive positive change."


What makes your brand stand out? 

To start with, the name stands out and is memorable, which can be helpful in this crowded market. But the name type:A is entirely about the product—a deodorant that mimics a time-release effect, that's smarter and hard-working, that strives to overachieve on every level. We figured that even if someone doesn't see themselves as a Type A personality, wouldn't they still want their deodorant to work that hard to keep them protected? Also, our product is pretty different from other aluminum-free deodorants. The formula has exclusive sweat-activated technology that allows it to offer really long-lasting odor and wetness protection. And it comes in a handy tube with our button applicator on the end, to swipe on just like a stick. Customers love the tube for so many reasons—they control how much to apply, it's easy to keep clean, you can get every last drop out, and it just feels good to hold.


type:A and CLOVE + HALLOW


What's your favorite part of creating products?

Not to be redundant, but my favorite part of creating products is the challenge! Truly, I do love a good problem to solve. I was drawn to creating a deodorant because it's a very straightforward category: problem (stink/sweat) --> solution (stay fresh). My other favorite part of creating products is doing ingredient research and digging into the science behind how these ingredients function alone, and in formulas applied to the body (for skin and body care products). Now that we have access to super-talented green chemists, I suddenly find myself inspired by so many product-based problems. We can't tackle them all, but it's fun to be able to continue to carve out new territory with unique formulations that really deliver results.


What other brands or companies inspire you? 

So many! I am honestly inspired over and over again these days, in this extremely innovative time we're living in. I have tons of respect for Away Travel, which was founded by two motivated, uber-capable women who saw an opportunity and went for it in the biggest way. They have built an aspirational brand and a truly fantastic product. I also love the Summersalt swim brand. Again, great product and a brand that is truly inclusive and showcases that in the most appealing way. 


"I am honestly inspired over and over these days, in this extremely innovative time we're living in."


Your favorite product you've ever made? 

type:A deodorant, of course! I actually am most proud of the small details that we paid attention to when developing the deodorant: making sure the texture was lightweight, it applied sheer and colorless, ensuring the formula washed off easily with soap and water in the shower (no more waxy, gross residue to scrape off your skin), to name a few. We're a one-product company for the moment and we're hyper-focused on helping people find a deodorant that keeps them protected and they love to use.


Your dream product you want to create? (The sky's the limit: think Jetsons hair dryers, SPF in Type:A tubes, etc.) 

A pill you can take that makes you feel well-rested, like you got a full night's sleep, even when you only got five or six hours. And, of course, it's super-duper safe, non-toxic and highly natural. Running a business is exhausting work! Though I wouldn’t change a thing.


What's your favorite Clove + Hallow product?

I love the Lip Crème in Desert Rose. I always keep it in my purse. 

What makeup product can you not leave the house without?

I don't leave the house these days without my tinted SPF moisturizer.


Outside of your brand, what do you love to do? 

Running around with my adorable little humans and spending quality time away from said children with friends and wine. In equal measure.

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