News . products . ingredients . makeup tips . Aug 12, 2019

Introducing: The CLOVE + HALLOW Ingredient Glossary

Being a clean makeup brand that uses 15 or fewer ingredients per base formula doesn't just mean our ingredient lists are easier to read. It means each and every ingredient counts more. A lot more....

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hydraglow . makeup tips . customize . DIY . liquid skin tint . Jul 09, 2019

How to Customize Liquid Skin Tint

By now, you’ve taken our brand-new Liquid Skin Tint for a test drive. (And if you haven’t, check out our “Choose Your Shade” blog post or pick up one of our new sample trios to help you...

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makeup tips . undertone . lipstick . Jul 02, 2019

Find Your PERFECT Red Lipstick

What’s more festive for the Fourth of July than red lipstick? One that complements your skin tone like a dream. But from light to dark and warm-toned to cool-toned, picking the right shade can...

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Bronzer . makeup tips . Jun 17, 2019

Liquid Skin Tint: Choose Your Shade

You’ve been asking for CLOVE + HALLOW to make a liquid foundation… so we did! And we know you’ll be all over its clean formula and buildable, demi-matte finish. But to avoid any snags choosing...

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makeup tips . Jun 13, 2019


Ever feel like planning a relaxing summer getaway can feel… not so relaxing? Ditto. We’ve found that one of the biggest stressors is packing, especially when it comes to deciding which beauty...

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Bronzer . makeup tips . May 28, 2019

STRIKE A POSE - Photo Ready Makeup

We’ve all been there: your makeup is on-point, so you grab your phone to take a selfie and… womp, womp. Not so epic in a photo. But your eyes aren’t deceiving you when you look in the mirror. Your...

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Bronzer . makeup tips . May 21, 2019

Bronzer Guide

Sun’s out, fun’s out—and if you’re not blessed with a naturally sunkissed complexion, your bronzer is, too. But there’s a bit of a learning curve when it comes to this glow-getter. (Cue fears of...

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