Bronzer . makeup tips . May 28, 2019

STRIKE A POSE - Photo Ready Makeup

We’ve all been there: your makeup is on-point, so you grab your phone to take a selfie and… womp, womp. Not so epic in a photo. But your eyes aren’t deceiving you when you look in the mirror. Your makeup application method just hasn’t been optimized for pictures.

What better time than National Photography Month to learn a few makeup tips and tricks to look as amazing as you feel in pictures? Whether you’re prepping for photos for an event or just want to look your best in selfies, here are our tried-and-true favorites.


Mattify, Mattify, Mattify

Even a foundation with a slight luminosity can look like an oil slick in photos. Instead, try a powder formula (like our Pressed Mineral Foundation) to give coverage and nix shine. Carry it with you for touch-ups, too—the tinted shade will be much more effective than a translucent powder, which can flash back in pics.

mine your neck


Don’t forget to blend your foundation down toward your chest! Even a base that perfectly matches your neck IRL can skew lighter, warmer, or cooler when the camera flashes.

contour image


Trust us on this one: be generous with the bronzer, blush, and highlighter to keep your face from appearing one flat shade. Use a fluffy brush to sweep our Bronzing Powder in the shape of the number three from your temples to the hollows of your cheeks, then to your jawline. Dot a little extra Hydratint Blush Serum on the apples of your cheeks, and finish with a dab of Hydraglow on cheek bones. Keep in mind that your makeup will likely look heavier than anything you’d do on an average day, so don’t be alarmed when you do a mirror check!



What registers as a smoky eye in-person will just shape and enhance the eyes in photos. Go for three shades in our Sunrise Pressed Pigment Palette: first, apply the shimmery pink or gold shade all over the lid, then blend a slightly darker shade, like the matte orange or brown, into your creases for depth. Finally, add the white or light pink shade in the inner corners of your eyes and on the brow bones to make your peepers look brighter and whiter.



Any lip color bleeding or asymmetry will be more apparent in photos than they would be in person, so precision is key. Enter the lip brush. Run it over your favorite Lip Crème or dip it in a tube of Lip Velvet or Lip Glaze, then carefully outline your pout and fill in.

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