News . products . ingredients . makeup tips . Aug 12, 2019

Introducing: The CLOVE + HALLOW Ingredient Glossary

Being a clean makeup brand that uses 15 or fewer ingredients per base formula doesn't just mean our ingredient lists are easier to read. It means each and every ingredient counts more. A lot more. And we get questions about them almost every day.

That's why we're so proud to announce our brand new CLOVE + HALLOW Ingredient Glossary. It's your one-stop shop for learning about the essential properties of every single ingredient we use and why.

Ingredient Glossary


  • Before you purchase a CLOVE + HALLOW product, to make sure it's right for your skin type
  • After you buy a CLOVE + HALLOW product, if any questions come up when you're perusing the ingredient list on the box
  • When you're comparing CLOVE + HALLOW products and products from other brands
  • If you're switching to cleaner beauty products and need inspiration for your own list of acceptable ingredients
  • Bookmarked on your phone, for when you're out makeup shopping and have questions about ingredients

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