Earth Day . Apr 22, 2019


The scary truth: according to some estimates, personal care and beauty products account for a third of all landfill waste. One of the biggest motivators? People have historically associated recycling with products in the kitchen, not in the bathroom or on your vanity. But consumers have the power to turn the tide. This Earth Day, and every day, we want to prove that beauty doesn’t have to come at the cost of a beautiful environment. The first step is making these simple tweaks.


USE refillable products.

We’re all guilty of occasionally buying beauty products for the cute packaging. The trouble comes, of course, when the stuff inside runs out and we have no choice but to toss out the jar, tube, or compact. Make a pact to only pick up products with luxe-but-unrecyclable packaging if it’s refillable. May we suggest our Pressed Mineral Foundation or Bronzing Powder? Both come housed in a recyclable aluminum tin that you pop into our magnetic Refillable Compact. Once you hit pan, just recycle the tin and buy another. (Bonus points for cost-effectiveness: you only have to buy the $8 outer compact once!)


ditch plastic when possible.

Plastic can take up to a thousand years to decompose, and even the recyclable kind can only be re-made into something new a finite number of times. Reach for products stored in glass (like our Hydraglow and Hydratint cheek products) instead—the material can be recycled infinitely. Other options include cardboard and bamboo, which decompose in just a few months or years.



Even if your products make it to the recycling plant, a few rules and regulations could still cause them to end up in a landfill. Before throwing a product in the recycling bin, thoroughly wash, rinse, and dry it—and toss any pumps, which are made of mixed materials that the plant won’t take apart. Not sure if a container is recyclable? It might sound counterintuitive, but when in doubt: toss it. One unrecyclable product in a bag of recyclable ones could send the entire thing to the landfill. 


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